Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Queretaro Mexico Mission: 9 Weeks Left

Sister Sepulveda friended me on FB and I asked Alex about her.  

Sister Sepulveda is easily one of the most legit sisters ever, she loves us because her son is on a mission in Costa Rica and she has an amazing testimony! She also speaks english :) But more importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! I LOVE YOU AND you are the greatest mother a son could ask for, and more. I love you more than I can say mom. Thanks for being a mom that was always there and always ready to help and love, not only your own children, but everyone around you. You truly understand your calling as a mother. 

This week was very good, an investigator went to the temple with the ward, so he is locked and loaded for baptism. This Saturday we will have the baptism of a girl whose family we reactivated, we are very very excited for that. This has been one of my favorite areas by far :) even though it has also been one of the hardest, I truly love it here! I think I will finish here (but honestly who knows?). Nothing new, life goes good, as well as the work of the Lord. I am completely and utterly happy! I miss you and love you guys. Take care!
Elder Alex Chadwick Eaton

1)I never showed you guys the outside of my house! It is one of the nicest houses EVER! (for missionaries at least)
2)I found this in my bag. I totally forgot I had it. It is definitely the most mormon thing I own.

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