Monday, December 7, 2015

Queretaro Mexico Mission Week 61

Thanksgiving Week

   Well mommacita, it sounds like you had quite the week! That would be some amazing blessings there! And Coley looks pretty dang sharp in his suit! And Annie looks a bit too happy with her gifts. I am still happy with the branch president. ALSO! Monday night I got a little sick. We were visiting a member family, and I had just finished fasting and ate some pretty greasy food. And my stomach wasnt exactly up for the challenge. So we entered in and then asked if I could use her bathroom. I entered in so fast I couldnt turn on the light and started throwing up in the sink............ that combination was NOT pretty. The good thing is I feel way better!  but I was in the bathroom for a good hour. 10 minutes puking, 50 minutes cleaning ;) hahaha.

Queretaro Mexico Mission Week 60

Well, not exactly. One sister did get changed out of our district and the flores are going home. But outside of that, we are staying! It will be super weird without them. Tonight we are going to have a family home evening with the branch to say goodbye to the missionary couple. Tears will be shed, and it will be very sad. But they are happy and excited to go. We have a couple baptisms coming up, not too sures, but we will see.

This past saturday we had a missionary activity and it was super legit!! It was called flight to Hawaii and we gave everyone some leis and told them to sit down. We put on a projector and then we started up a video of an airplaned taking off, then out of nowhere they all crashed and it went dark. A sister got up, told them that they had all died and unfortunately they could not go back to Earth. We had a speed judgement and they all went to different glories. We skipped the spirit world and we were in charge of the telestial kingdom. We just made it dark and terrible and then we ourselves got dresed in black. We did it good, because nobody wanted to go back to our kingdom, nobody had fun. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Everyone had a lot of fun and learned a lot. 

Nothing more to report, I am doing great, excited for this next change with Elder Estrada. A little sad to see the missionaries go, but that is how the cookie crumbles right? I love you guys and miss you a ton. Peace!
Elder Alex Chadwick Eaton

1) telestial kingdom. A happy place
2) the sisters were in charge of the celestial kingdom, hence the white.