Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Queretaro Mexico Mission: 12 Weeks Left

We stayed exactly the same! I am going to be staying in Celaya Vergel! Kind of super happy! I felt like I still hadn´t accomplished what I needed to do, so I am super glad to stay. We found some new people this week, among them being a professional beatboxer named Moses and a failed actor from Hollywood named Johnny. It was a pretty great week. And we brought more to church! It was a great week. Unfortunately we had to close down the area of the sisters, so that was pretty sad. But they understood the reason. 

The new mission president will get here in exactly one week, this Thursday will be the last conference with President Mejorada. I feel super old in the mission, especially since we got a new missionary in the zone named Elder Russon he only has 2 months. He asked me how much time  I had, I told him 21 months. I have 21 months!! But, it mattereth not. The members are doing great, just need a little push to get going! That is it family, I love you guys and miss you a ton! Take care! 
Elder Alex Chadwick Eaton

1)Goodbye to Elder May
2)Stuffed chili peppers for lunch! Pretty dang good!

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