Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Queretaro Mexico Mission: 17 Weeks Left

The investigators are doing pretty great, actually one of them went to church!! It was the first time in a long time that happened. He asked for a ride from an awesome member because he banged up his knee pretty bad in a bike accident, but he loved church! His name is Eduardo and he is 25 years old. Super chill and accepts everything and prays a ton. He is for June! As for my comp, he is doing alright, still gets frustrated from time to time but I make sure he ends each day on a good note. 

To be honest with you guys, this was the hardest week I have had in the mission, but in a good way. I worked so hard and contacted more than I can count, got addresses, but at the same time, almost all of our plans fell! When our plans fell, we went with our backup plans, but they weren't home either!! So we ended up contacting on the streets. It would have been so easy to get discouraged, but  I tried so flipping hard to keep it up, as well as my companion. It wasn't easy, we only found one new investigator, but this is the week I have most been satisfied with my work. Even though we didnt find a lot, we both agreed that we worked insanely hard and we were more than satisfied. I gave it all, 110% this week. The Lord is definitely proud of me. :) The zone meeting was great, and the sisters are doing good. Nothing to complain here! I love you guys and miss you!!
Elder Alex Chadwick Eaton

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