Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Queretaro Mexico Mission: 14 Weeks Left

I will indeed be coming home the 14th of September. Don't worry mommacita, I will be home soon :P hahahaha The baptism was pretty great, the dad is actually not a member so we are now teaching him in hopes that this will be a turning point for him. The kid who I baptized can´t say my name very well, so he just calls me Elder Guerito (Elder White guy). I talked to president about possibly closing one of the 2 companionships in our area. I recommended that he keep the sisters in the area, and he said he'll think about it. I saw him this Sunday and the President Mejorada smiled and told me that he talked to the stake president (who is in our ward) and asked him which ones he would like to keep. He told us that the stake president said the elders, 100%. Apparently he likes us a lot! So it is possible that I will be finishing off here. 

Something that has been occuring in the mission is that we are recieving less and less missionaries, while more and more missionaries are leaving. So we zone leaders are deciding which areas should be closed down and which not to close down. It has gotten to be such a problem that most likely this next change they are going to merge the 2 zones in Celaya into 1 zone of 26 missionaries. That will be crazy!! Anyways, that video of the baseball was awesome! Congratulate papa for me!! And Sam and Cole look like stud muffins! Also say hi to Grandpa Beyete for me! I miss you guys and about the travel itinerary, it will be coming next transfer. :O I love you!

Elder Alex Chadwick Eaton

1) That missionary life! I already took them to a tailor, don't be worried.
2)Legit graffiti of a scottish war bear!

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