Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Queretaro Mexico Mission: 16 Weeks Left

Elder Eaton, is responding to finding out our sweet Gracie dog was put down. 

Wow........ honestly, that was like a punch to the gut. But, it will be alright :) I am sure she is in good care with Grandma Sauer. My favorite memory of her would be whenever I would laid down on the floor and she ran onto my chest to give me some not so sweet kisses. I am sure going to miss her. 

This week was like the others, hard work, we found 3 new investigators but no one came to church. Again. It is just a little frustrating not going to lie. This is definitely the hardest that I have worked on my mission, yet I see less results. I was talking with my companion about this and we had no idea what was going on. I was asked by the bishopric to prepare a talk. When I asked what should the talk be about, they told me that it could be whatever I wanted. Welcome to the mission! I decided to share a talk on endure to the end and the discouragement that we will encounter on our life here. I chose it not only because I knew that the ward needed, but also I did too. So, as I was reading about the great missionaries with thousands of baptisms, I started thinking "why them and not me? what more do I have to do?!" So I was looking for something like a secret. Something that if I changed, I would be great like them!....... I didn't find it. But I found my answer.

In Alma 26:26-27,29-30. This is when Ammon is giving a brief summary of his mission as it comes to an end. And he talks about the beginning of his mission. And I started to understand that this was the only difference. They were super disheartened and wanted to go back, but then the Lord told them that they have to go again. But THIS time, He would give them success. So they taught them everywhere (like I have been doing). They taught them in their houses, streets, workplaces, in the middle of nowhere! Then they were cast out, made fun of, spit at, hit, stoned and thrown into prison. The only two things that haven't happened of those on my mission where stoned and thrown into prison. The rest yes. But like they say, God always saved them. In 30 is what I like is when Ammon says that they suffered this that they might bring at least one SOUL unto God. ONE. In 26 they wanted to save some souls. But in 30 it says they would have been insanely happy with even ONE. 

I shared this with the ward, and I did a self reflection. Have I made a difference on my mission? Yes. it is hard when you would like some more. But sometimes, we need to recognize that our best effort isnt enough, and maybe God doesn't have these people planned for baptism right now. But I sure as heck can prepare the way. I may not gather the harvest here but I sure can plant a seed. I am making a difference :) I love you guys and miss you a ton. 

Elder Alex Chadwick Eaton

1)"Surprise!"-Nacho Libre
2)Before: Heck yeah!
3)After: KILL ME! 

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