Monday, May 2, 2016

Queretaro Mexico Mission: Week 83

First off, and this is what I know you want to hear: I will be talking May 8th (Mother's Day) instead of the 10th! I will be able to talk with everyone together, so I am pretty dang happy. And that is amazing what has happened with Michael! God is always there to provide the way to overcome our struggles. This week I had a pretty great experience with the power of prayer as well. We were having an open house in a chapel here in Celaya and it was a 3 day thing, Thursday and Friday for 3 hours each day and 6 hours Saturday. We coordinated with the other zone of Celaya and sent missionaries to go ahead and help out because the stake asked us to help out. 

Thursday, not a single member came to help out and we were on the street contacting the 3 hours bringing people in. Friday the missionaries told us that it was the same. We called the stake president and told him what had happened. He promised us it would not happen again. Saturday the members finally helped out but there was almost no one that was coming. Elder Alonso and I took a break and we prayed. I said the prayer and it was the most honest straightforward prayer that i have ever uttered. I said that we felt frustrated and we wanted people to come in. So please help us. We left and all the missionaries started having success with their contacts. The church started filling up and everyone, members and missionaries got excited. And Elder Alonso just looked at each other and smiled. We knew what had happend ;) We have found some new people to teach, and the truth is that I am growing in my faith. i am pretty happy right now! I love you guys a ton and miss you. Take care!
Elder alex Chadwick Eaton

1)Sweet grafiti
2)We went to dairy queen today. and it made my week.

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