Monday, May 2, 2016

Queretaro Mexico Mission: Week 82

Well, the work is going MUCH BETTER! These past few weeks have been pretty dang hard!  But this week  I was thinking about if it was all worth it. The last week we didnt find anyone and I was asking myself if all this obedience was all worth it. I have been pretty dang obedient my entire mission so i was wondering if all this effort and hard work was worth it. I have had success up until this point, so if I had only found 1 investigator in 2 weeks in this area, whats up? So we went from house to house Tuesday and it seemed like everyone was against us. Finally we decided to go with one more house and knocked on it. A lady came out and told us she had no time. I was really getting down at that point, then all of the sudden her husband came out and invited us in!!!!! We talked with them and they were willing to hear and to learn! It was super amazing!! I left that appointment feeling on cloud 9. I have learned a lot in this area, that it really DOES make all the difference. Just try one more :) 

My companion and I get along great still. We have an investigator that committed to baptism and we are pretty hyped about that! Now, about Mothers Day, it will be Mexicans Mother Day! D: But tomorrow we are going to have interviews with president Mejorada, so I will ask him special permission to see if it can be Sunday. He trusts me so i think he will say yes ;) I will let you know next week. Anyway, this Sunday we ate with a super cool sister that cooked us hamburgers that TASTED LIKE HAMBURGERS!! :D They also gifted me some barbeque sauce!!! :,D I cried for sheer joy! I haven't had real barbeque sauce in a year and a half!! It WAS AWESOME!! She also shared us a video that sums up the mission in 5 minutes. It is pretty amazing! i love you guys and miss you a ton!!
Elder Alex Chadwick Eaton

1)We ate it all. We felt so sick after
2)Baptism of a less active family. They are strong in the gospel.

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