Monday, May 2, 2016

Queretaro Mexico Mission: Week 75

Well familia, I would have to say that it is weird to be turning 20 in six days. I just realized today that it was going to be fast Sunday..... Our church services are at 1. so it will be a very very VERY spiritual birthday experience ;) hahahaha but the companion situation has improved, Elder Meneses will be going home Thursday morning, so he is kind of in shock. The area is pretty dang legit, we have a for sure baptism this Wednesday and next Saturday we will be baptizing the grandfather of Chuck Norris. He is 80 years old and the most beastly man ever. He just comments random facts of his life. Last lesson he mentioned that he felt the love of God when he was in a helicopter plunging from the sky and when it crashed, everyone died, except for him. We heartily agreed with that feeling.

The mission is preparing for the new mission president, whose name is Williamson. I am not too hot on the idea of him being the mission president to send me off, but oh well! I will make the best of it. I still feel weird and I can't get my mind off the fact that I am going to be 20. It just doesn't feel right ya know?  I still feel 18, like I just barely got on the mission. When we talk in May, I will only have 5 months left! But that is still far away. I love you guys and nothing new, just loving the mission and working hard! PEace out my party people, I love you guys!! 
Elder Alex Chadwick Eaton

-A great view of Queretaro
-So my companion Elder Cruz is obsessed with Herbalife and I told him it was just a pyramid scheme. -He didnt believe me and so we walked into one of their stores....
and saw this. He believes me now.

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