Monday, May 2, 2016

Queretaro Mexico Mission: Week 78

Well, I will have to say that this is going to be one weird week. As you already know, everyone here in Mexico is Catholic, so they celebrate it way differently. Every day of the week they have a huge festival. For example, everyone here was waving palms yesterday because that is when Jesus walked into Jerusalem. Everything escalates until this Friday, they put a Jesus statue on a cross in every neighborhood. They leave him there all day and they paint him with blood. They then take him down on Sunday when he arises. They call this week "Holy Week". This is one of the toughest weeks in the mission. Almost everybody's numbers drop, but we got to keep on trying. 

We are still killing it this week and are super excited for some baptisms coming up. We had a whole family come to church so that was super cool. They had a talk with the bishop and are way more excited for everything. They will be getting baptized this next month, but transfers are this week! DUN DUNN DUNNNNNN! But I am almost 100% convinced that Elder Cruz and I will stay together. We just watched the Passion of Christ today and it impacted us a lot. The President asked the assistants, us, and some sisters to watch it and see if we would approve it for the mission. After the movie ended none of us talked for 15 minutes. It shows a very detailed description of how the last 12 hours of Christ's life was. You would not like it mom. It is very very bloody. But I understood the atonement a little better. I can say that during this year and a half, I have learned much about the atonement. And I can also say that in these next 60-70 years that I have left I can study the atonement all day and everyday and STILL not understand all of it. But what I do understand is that Jesus Christ loves us and God loves us. Jesus is the Messiah and the Christ, and He suffered not only for our sins, but our pain, our sadness, and our suffering. He knows and understands me, better than anyone else that has lived, lives, or will live. With this small part that I can say that I know, it is enough for me. 
Elder Alex Chadwick Eaton

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