Monday, May 2, 2016

Queretaro Mexico Mission: Week 79

I survived (Easter)..... BARELY!!!! hahahaha just kidding, everything good here. Well, here is now Celaya :) yep, thats right, I had transfers!!! And I am with my trainer as ZL 1 and he is ZL 2. Kind of super weird, but eh.
  Anyways, this is how I passed Easter.  For Easter here they do a representation of holy week and the atonement of Christ. They have one person carry the cross (representing Jesus) and some people dressed as Roman soldiers whipping him and then they put a fake body on the cross, paint it with blood, and leave it there for a couple days and then take it off. Not the prettiest thing ever. But I did get a picture of the crosses. I took it quick so nobody would see, I was careful don't worry ;)

The companion is awesome, it is super cool to be with Elder Alonso again. We are in an area called Vergel, and I got sent here to lift the zone is what the assistants told me. So that means work. A lot of work. But I am cool with it. During Holy Week, NO ONE is in the city! All of mexico takes a week break so everything was so empty! The entire mission struggled a bit this week but we are going to get back on our feet pretty soon. This holy week I realized a lot. I am amazingly grateful for Jesus Christ´s atonement, but I realized that he could have stopped at any time, and any second. When Peter started fighting the guards with the sword, Jesus reprended him and reminded him that if he wanted to, He could have 12 legions of angels from His Father to save Him at any time. But this is how it should be. Jesus had all the power to save Himself, but He chose not to, out of love, out of His amazing love that he has for us. As the hymn says and I can now say it with my soul, "I stand all amazed". I love you and miss you.
Elder Alex Chadwick Eaton

1)Arcos of Queretaro. It was a little stormy so I got a super cool photo 
2) baptism I did for the sisters.
3) Crosses

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