Monday, May 2, 2016

Queretaro Mexico Mission: Week 76

First off, this birthday was much better than last years. I ate lunch with the Del Valle family, who is the ex president of this mission and they bought me a cake! It was amazing! The sister got me some little caesars pizza today and I bought a blue suit! (failed to take a picture of the suit). We had a baptism just 2 days before and I confirmed her. All in all, it was a pretty great day! I really really really enjoyed it! BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!

Something not so cool that happened this week was that I was in the hospital for 2 days................... BUT I was just staying there will an Elder From my zone. ;) scared ya didn't I?  He is from Lehi Utah and has been sick his entire mission of 7 months poor guy. But he is out and about now. I translated for him while he was in the hospital and it lead to some uncomfortable moments of silence/disbelief on his part. For example "Vamos a tener una colonoscopia y te necesitamos a quitar tu ropa interior". He looked at me and I said (with a sad sigh) "They are going to have you take a colonoscopy and they want you to take off your underwear". It was not the best job in the mission. My zone is going strong right now, we are doing some good work. We have another baptism next week. His name is Francisco and is 80 years old but so legit. 

That is all the news I got. Meneses went home Wednesday and just sent me an email saying that life was harder than he had anticipated. I I hope everything goes good there. But nothing else, I am doing great, My comp is great, the ward is AMAZING! Everyone here knows what they are doing, so after 6 months of teaching everybody, It is a relief to sit back and chillax. I love you guys and Miss you tons!!!! 

Elder Alex CHadwick Eaton


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