Monday, May 2, 2016

Queretaro Mexico Mission: Week 77

Everything is going good mom, I PROMISE! The Elder that was sick, is doing way better now, we went and played basketball today with him. He is back to working as a missionary 100%. Still a little weak but that didn't stop him from playing basketball and owning us all. He played varsity basketball in high school. I have not gotten a parasite or been in the hospital. I got close a couple times, like when I had a migrain for 4 days straight but it went away and Sister Mejorada (the wife of the president who we call if we have any problems with health) said I was good if it went away! Also I have had some illnesses that kept me in the house for 3 days straight but only once or twice. :D

The zone is doing super awesome, we are actually leading the mission with our numbers so WHAT?! We are pretty proud of our zone right now. Francisco got baptized no problem, but I felt a little bad because his family said they were gonna be there but they weren't :( but he loved it and is very very happy, so thats what's important. He got confirmed as well. Elder Meneses is getting used to normal life. He left a girlfriend so they are easing into that relationship. Everything is good here, we are finding a ton of people, but no one wants to go to the chapel! So that will be the focus of the week. that will be it family. Peace out, Love ya!
Elder Alex Chadwick Eaton

1)Baptism!! 2 in a row!!
2)Graffiti in Mexico!

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