Monday, February 22, 2016

Queretaro Mexico Mission Week 74

Heyo party people! I just want to start out by saying that my area is awesome! Super safe and all the members want to help us out with lessons and give references. The President also attends to the ward before ours, so we saw him this Sunday and that was a weird feeling. Not bad, just weird seeing him. Being a zone leader isnt that stressful in the way of taking numbers and checking on obedience. BUT what IS hard is being the example to the zone. I have been reading in Matthew a lot and what I noticed (kind of obvious) is that before he asked anyone to do anything, he gave them an example to follow. He did it at least once and then asked the rest to do it. He put the model for them to follow. 

On worse news. We have been having some problems in our companionship. Elder Meneses and Elder Cruz have gotten super angry at each other and fought a lot. I am super grateful I have gotten way more patient on the mission and learned to try to understand people.. So we have already had to sit down and talk twice this week to figure some things out. It has been one roller coaster of a week. But it is getting better, Cruz just gets frustrated, something that I can understand. So we are working on that. We have two baptisms lined up, one for this week and one for the 12th of March, so we are pretty excited. I will be training my zone tomorrow in a zone conference, so wish me luck! That is about it, Love you guys! 

Elder Alex Chadwick Eaton

PHOTOS! (I had to buy a new memory adapter)
Just toured some parts of downtown Queretaro and went into the big church

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