Monday, February 22, 2016

Queretaro Mexico Mission Week 73

Well, Just a LOT! First off with transfers, I got sent to Queretaro FINALLY!! I am super excited! But here is the not so great part. I GOT SENT AS A ZONE LEADER! Not a fan. I am in an area called Colinas en Queretaro and am Zone Leader over Queretaro Arcos, which includes the assistants to the president. My new companion is Elder Cruz and he hasn't been zone leader either. The only reason I am not freaking out so much is because we have Elder Meneses, an Elder who was supposed to go home today, but agreed with the president to help show us the area and train us a little as zone leaders for the next 2 weeks then he is heading home. But it is still kind of crazy! I am ZL 1 and yeah.

 Saying goodbye to Elder Villacis was hard but saying goodbye to the branch was even worse. I shared my testimony last Sunday and started bawling. I then went with all the members and investigators and started saying bye. That was super sad. I had a few of them write in my journals and some of the members we were especially close with wrote in my journal and the Branch President almost cried. I grew really close with them and was sad to have to go. Valentine's day exists here, in full swing but something I really liked here was that they have many more types of cards than we do. The have the classic I love you and all that, but they also have forgiveness cards, ranging anywhere from just being rude to your significant other all the way to have been very VERY unfaithful. It was a fun thing to see.

 I left my baptism there and Marisol will still be having her interview this wednesday and will be baptized. We supposedly have a baptism for next week but I have no idea. I still have no idea where I am going but that will all hopefully change in the next 2 weeks. Nothing else to report, everything is good here and will have more stuff to say next week. BYE I love you guys and happy late Valentines Day!

 Elder Alex CHadwick Eaton

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