Monday, February 22, 2016

Queretaro Mexico Mission Week 68

  About Elder Villacis, he is from Ecuador, 22 years old, balding, and awesome. We get along great, we got here in the mission at more or less the same time. He is a great missionary and Elder May, Villacis, and I are already planning on rooming together in college. His English is almost prefect, so I have been helping him to get to perfection. It is kind of a relief that I am with someone that wants to be on the mission. We found 9 new investigators this week!! It has been super fun, we get along great, and we have stayed up talking until 2 twice, so we are buddies now :P

The baptism has been postponed. We have no idea what is up with her. We feel like she still isn't completing the commandments. So we told her she shouldnt baptized. It was sad but we want her to do it right. I would rather have 0 baptisms on the mission than a million baptisms done only to baptize. I am doing pretty good here. With this transfer, I will have 6 months in this branch. but I am totally cool with it. I do love the branch, and they trust us a lot! I have definitely established some lasting friendships here with the members. So we will be coming back to visit here fo sho ;) I love being in an area for such a long time because I get to see people grow in their testimony and make changes in their lives. We are getting along great with everyone and I am super happy we are working so hard.  Pretty crazy that Annie is moving to Fresno! How did that happen? Well, thats all I got familia! I love you guys and miss you a ton. 

Elder Alex Chadwick Eaton

PS Dad, I cannot wait for Pride Prejudice and ZOMBIES!! I TOLD YOU GUYS IT WOULD BE A MOVIE SOMEDAY!!

1)the birthplace of mexican independence
2) We went to a museum of miguel hidalgo, the guy who started the war of independence. Fun fact, he was a priest and had A LOT of lady friends

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