Monday, February 22, 2016

Queretaro Mexico Mission Week 70

Its super crazy that Cole just turned 15!!! Give him a big birthday hug for me! And a big kiss on the cheek ;) Everyone is getting so old!! AS for the 15 year old Cole being better than the 14 year old Cole, I cant tell you how many times I have heard that :) hahahahaha I am doing pretty alright here, It is pretty calm, the sisters had a baptism and Elder Villacis and I got to baptize them. It was super cool I actually interviewed the mom, her name is Leticia. She had been having a lot of problems with her family and they were really against her getting baptized. She was already crying when I got into the interview and she started off by saying that she didnt want this, she didnt think she could do it. She didnt want to wreck her family.

So you could say I was already pretty stressed out right off the bat. I have never made a more sincere prayer in my heart than in that moment. I started off by reading 1 Nephi 1:1. I told her that this was the story of my life. That I had been born of more than goodly parents, but rather AMAZING parents. That they had taught me who I was, who I needed to be, that I was taught that I was a son of God. That even though I have had many afflictions in my life, I know that I had been highly favored of the Lord all my days. Leticia told me that she had always felt that God had answered her prayers until this week.  So Then I shared D&C 121, just the first little bit, when Joseph Smith says, "Oh God, where art thou?" and then God's response. I told her that even a prophet feels abandoned by God at times, but nothing can be farther from the truth. That God is always with us, in the excellent and bad times. and I told her that God would always answer her.

After that, there was a silence of about 2 mintues. I felt the Spirit very strongly and I simply felt impressed to let her reflect and meditate. After that, I did something that has truly changed my life. I asked her if she would like to ask God right now. Something I have never done or expected to do in my entire life with someone. I realized in that short moment as we were getting ready to kneel down, I realized that I was putting my trust 100% in God, that he would answer her prayers, that he would tell her to get baptized and that this was the true church. And I have to tell you that I was scared God wasnt going to answer. And I was proven so wrong. She asked me to say the prayer. I was doing 2 prayers at once. One out loud, and one in my heart. I asked him to answer her, and me. I asked him to help us both. I started crying at the halfway part because it was like someone was with me. I cant describe the feeling exactly, all I can say is that I felt someone there with me that had the same desire I did, to let her KNOW! To let her know that THIS is what she should do.

I finished and we waited for a little bit. We stayed kneeled down for another 4 minutes in silence, Then she started another prayer. She thanked God for giving her an answer and asked for the strength to carry it out. We got up and I asked her what she should do. She said she wanted to get baptized this Saturday and I was just...... wow. I have learned that God really does answer prayers, and not only when He decides to, He will always answer us when we need it. Thats all I got, I love you guys, and take care!! Happy BDAY COLEY! King Cole is still King ;)

Elder Alex Chadwick Eaton

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