Monday, February 22, 2016

Queretaro Mexico Mission Week 69

I am doing pretty good. My companion and I are still on fire, and this week the President came to Dolores!! It was super awesome! He hogged all the time (as usual) and what was awesomeis that he taught exactly what we have been teaching all the investigators and the members. During all of it, we had a lot of members looking at us, with a look that says "oh, I guess you guys were right after all". I learned a lot too, then after that, I talked a bit with the president and the assistants. They finally realized that I have never been to Queretaro. And President promised me that I would get a chance before I get home! So that means my last transfer I will go there ;) hahaha 

Ok, Annie playing xbox, that makes me like partly jealous of Crayton. All the times I invited Annie to play with me, and she said no. I guess it is different when you are her husband. We have a couple new baptismal dates. One is from a sister named Marisol, and she is progressing super fast. Another one is a guy who has been with every single church in Mexico, most recently with Jehovahs Witness. It is going to be pretty dang intense! Other news, yesterday when the President was here, we asked him if we could watch the Avengers 2....... AND HE SAID YES! We watched it this morning with the sisters and it was amazing! One less movie I need to watch, when I get home. We enjoyed it a lot. To answer your questions mom, yes they have doughnuts but they are terrible. Nothing like Krispy Kreme. People have heard of Martin Luther King, but dont really know him. There are very very few black people here in Mexico. There are more Gringos than black people.  

As for requests of my birthday, I would love 3 musketeers. Anything else you think that would be great, I trust. The thing I miss most about the states would be the diversity of cultures. I stick out like a mormon missionary in the Vatican. I cant wait to stop recieving so many stares. I have gotten use to it, but I still get tired of it. Some bad news, my greenie went home. Guess he couldnt handle it /: I found that out today, and I was pretty sad, but stuff happens. I love you guys!
Elder Alex Chadwick Eaton

No photos today, Computer isnt working :)

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