Monday, September 14, 2015

Queretaro Mexico Mission Week:48

Well, first off, the meeting with Christofferson was legit as heck!!!! He put a lot of emphasis on the Book of Mormon, so it  should be read, needless to say. And about my time on my mission, it has gone by super fast, I can hardly believe I am going to have a year!! And transfers, I got them! I went to a place called Dolores Hidalgo, aka the birthplace of Mexican independence! And with the Mexican independence day coming up fast, this little town is going to be crazy!!!! But I am pretty excited and already really like the area. I am with a short Argentinian named Elder Sivila. He is super funny and chill, so we get along great. I am the District Leader (DL) and senior companion, and here it is a branch. There is a missionary couple, the Flores and the husband is our branch president. 

Still dont have the package. But I will be going to Queretaro in 3 weeks and the ZL's in one week. I am kind of nervous of being DL , but not too much.  
  But about dad's choice of dinner, WHAT?! That looks disgusting Dad ( for winning NCAA bracket, a Chinese buffet was enjoyed by all!) ugh, and I have eaten cooked blood tacos!! But I look forward to a bunch of photos of Cole and Sammy in their sports! 

Nothing else, love you guys and miss you!!
Elder Alex CHadwick Eaton
1)Last zone party!!
2) Last time to eat tacos in Leon! Gotta end it right!!
3) My new companion

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