Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Queretaro Mexico Mission Week 50

Hola Familia,

The Mexico temple dedication? Yeah, WE WATCHED THAT! It was awesome because we got to see all 3 sessions and I will tell you know every session is completely different!! It was super cool to see it. My companion and I are doing great, still getting along, I got a photo of him in his sombrero. The branch is doing alright, the President, Elder Flores from the missionary couple will be leaving this November, so they are getting ready to leave the branch in good hands. SIster Flores is pretty sad and cries a lot now. We have been trying to help them improve the ward. Good news of our area, we always have a bunch of contacts. Bad news is that a ton of them are crazy. Literally. I dont know what is the deal with that!! They always want to tell us how they have their own religion and want nothing to do with the church, BUT they do want a pamphlet. Yeah, don't get that.

And, Coley is way too young to be holding girls hands!! He will always be 12 in my eyes and he looks gynormous in his uniform with Ann!!! He is a man! As long as he doesn't kiss any girls I am good with that.  I also got your package mom!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I LOVED IT! It turns out that an Elder who wasn't in my zone took my package by mistake, and that is why it went 3 months undetected. The only reason I had it is because we went to Queretaro to have a meeting with the President and we stayed in Celaya  with the zone leaders and there was my package!! It was awesome, just that when we were going there, we were fasting!!!! I opened it, saw rice krispie treats and honey buns and just said dang it! But, I was actually the only one fasting, because my companion has to eat and take pills because he is sick in the stomach, and so  I gave some to everyone else and they all ate in front of me. I felt good in  my heart but my stomach was threatening mutiny. Yeah, it was worth it!! It went pretty great! I love you guys and pray for you a ton!!!

Elder Alex Chadwick Eaton


1)We were helping Hermana Atatai send a 160 lbs. package. We were  there an hour. My district is legit
2)We contacted this guy and he told us that Obama and the pope were the antichrists. the things I learn in Mexico
3)Zone leaders of celaya, we stayed up till 12 playing uno

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