Monday, January 18, 2016

Queretaro Mexico Mission Week 66

 Well, we went back to the house and my companion laid down. He was good the next day. I am going to be real, that was one of the best Christmases I have ever had. Not for that day, but the 26th was my "True Christmas". We got a piñata with the sisters and had an exchange of gifts. Then we lit some Chinese Lanterns (almost died) and had an artificial snow fight. It was pretty legit. I was a bit sad after talking with you guys, but it wasnt a bad sad. It was a good sad. And it doesnt matter if I was sad, I only have one more call left in the mission! I thought that when I cut off with you guys :) My companion´s call was pretty hard on him. He started bawling the second he talked to them and didnt stop until the end. He has been pretty down and thinking about going home ever since he got to the MTC. The president is going to talk to him this Wednesday to see what his decision is going to be. Pray for him plz. 

The 1st counselor is alright I think, he is a police officer so he has been working 24/7 this holiday season. New Year here in Mexico is kind of crazy. It has to do with drunk people and a new beginning. It is pretty much the same as in the US just that they use fireworks. They use fireworks for EVERYTHING here. Christmas, Easter, New years, independence day, birthdays of the saints, and for fun. It´s not a party if pyrotechnics aren't involved here. From the little I have heard, seen, and spoken with him, I can say he is a great guy. He seems pretty chillax (which is great to have if you are married to Annie) and a stellar dude. I am pretty excited to meet him when I get back. About when I get back, completely in agreement with your plans, just remember I still have 9 months left :P Got something left. hahahaha We can talk about that in 5 more months when we talk for mother's day. 

Last thing is just remember that I will be the favorite for time and all eternity ;) love you guys and miss you tons. Peace out Fam!!
Elder Alex Chadwick Eaton

1)Our chirstmas gifts from the sisters
2)Selfie of NAVIDAD!
3)almost burned my face off with this thing. 

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