Monday, January 18, 2016

Queretaro Mexico Week 64

 I have had an ok week. Everything was kind of on the low and also a lot of our appointments cancelled. It was kind of disappointing. But then came Sunday. This Sunday we had a temple dedication in Tijuana, which is in Baja California. I have been a little frustrated with my companion for some issues we were having and came to the dedication looking for some answers. And you could Say I got them. President Uchtdorf and Dallin H. Oaks were there and they dedicated the temple. One talk that Uchtdorf gave was about letting the Savior in our home. What really got me was Matthew 25:40. If ye have done it unto the least of these my bretheren, you have done it unto me.

   I thought of how I was being impatient and frustrated, and then a question, prompted by the Holy Ghost came into my mind."Have I let the Savior enter my home? My life?" in that moment, the answer was no. I was not loving my companion. Maybe I was working hard, maybe we have baptisms lined up, maybe I am a missionary with experience, but this showed me that I have a lot to change still. I am not the perfect missionary and I was letting my emotions control me. This sunday showed me a lot. I learned a lot. I cried a lot too ; ) hahaha but I can now say I learned one of the most basic and principal teachings of the savior. Love one another as I have loved you. When ye are found in the service of your fellowman, ye are only in the service of thine God. If ye love me keep my commandments.

   I think that was a very appropiate lesson to learn this Christmas Season. If His life was one of service, love, and compassion, we would do right to celebrate his birth with doing the same.  I would like to invite you guys to celebrate this Christmas season by honoring the name of Christ. Give service and love others. AND GO TO THE TEMPLE! I cannot stress that enough. Even though i have only particpated in 2 dedications in all my mission, the only contact with the temple that I have had in the field, it has made all the difference. I cannot wait until I have the opportunity to go weekly when i get back!! i love you guys and miss you!! HAve fun at the wedding and know that I love you so so so so much. You guys are everything to me! Bye!
 Elder Alex Chadwick Photos

>> 1)We found our Christmas tree in the town square
>> 2)The things you find on a bus in Mexico

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