Monday, January 18, 2016

Queretaro Mexico Mission Week 62

Welp, Thanksgiving, as you might have guessed, wasn't anything special! The truth is, I just felt weird. Last year (super weird I can say that) I totally forgot it was Thansgiving!! This time wasn´t anything different. At least I remembered it was Thanksgiving. And I just said "oh, thats cool" Then went and taught salvation. hahaha I am assuming that it will be pretty dang different next year! but until then, I got nothing! Now that I am over the hump, it is still pretty weird. Everything is super fast and I can now say I am lost in the work!!! WWWWWOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

I noticed that, when I had a dream about giving some investigators a lesson. And it went pretty well! If that doesnt scream missionary, I dont know what does! Here nothing much is happening. We are doing good with investigators, but Elder Estrada is still super shy and it is still kind of hard for him to talk to the people. I have been trying to help him, with me he is good and everything and the members, but something happens with investigators. If you guys could pray to help him out that would be great. The new branch president is working a lot with us and loves us, so that is good. Just this last week we went to Guanajuato for a District Conference and President Mejorada was there. 

After the conference he pulled us aside and said " I'm sorry to tell you this but I am going to be expecting more from this district than the entire mission, You have to be the most mature, the most obedient missionaries. Dolores Hidalgo isnt just another important area. It is THE area of the mission Alright?"  Then he asked me how much time I am going to have in Dolores. I told him I was going to have 4 1/2 months. Then he said the very words I knew were going to come out of his mouth " You´ll most likely going to be there a bit longer than that". So, I will be having at least 6 months here. YAY! The truth is I will love that. I do love this area, the members, the investigators, everything!!! Thats all I got mommacita. I love you and miss you!
Elder Alex Chadwick Eaton

1) Guanajuato
2)Saying goodbye to the Flores :(
3)Adorable kid from the branch 

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