Sunday, January 4, 2015

Queretaro, Mexico Week 13

So I have had fun and I am loving it a bunch here!!! We spent christmas with the Trujeques and I will be sending the photos in two seconds and also of our new house!! We are now neighbors with members and whenever they invite us to eat dinner with them theycan just knock on the and we hear it and know there will be food! so when we ate lunch the other day with the members, they forgot that it was their turn to host us, so they ran and got pizza. I was in heaven!!!!! Although the pizza here doesnt have tomato sauce, still awesome!! The other elders called us and said they had a problem so they wouldnt be able to attend the lunch. So since the members brought 3 boxes of pizza and we only ate 2, they gave us the other one!!!!!!!!! That was gone in about 2 days.

But we found out what the problem was the next day and I am so sad i didnt get to take a photo of this! Elder Guzman, the one learning how to ride his bike, has it pretty much down now, the only problem is that he doesn't like using his brakes. So we visited a members house with them and Elder Guzman had brought his bike. He said that he ran into a street curb but there's no way. The front wheel of his bike was bent backwards until the tire was touching the gear of the pedeals. Destroyed!!!!!!!! It was so insane and he was pretty embarrassed so I didn't pressure him but wow. We also played pictionary/charades with members, and seeing as how I have a limited knowledge of spanish, I lost. hahahahahahahah by like a lot!! but it was super fun and everything

I am know fully leading lessons know, and in an effort to help my spanish, Elder Alonso and I agreed to let me answer all the gospel principle questions. Whenever an investigator asks a question, he just looks at me and waits for me respond. Needless to say I have been forced to improve, because he knows when I don't know the answer. He just smiles and waits for a few seconds and almost starts laughing, but now I can respond to the majority of all the questions. Another thing about my companion is that he has a firm belief that every small town in the USA has a ville at the end of it. So when I said that Gilbert was pretty small, he has called Gilbert, Gilbertville ever since. I love him and he is an awesome Teacher. THats all I got, Love you and Hope my letters continue to answer your Qs!!!!
Elder Alex Chadwick Eaton
1)So weird combination of food that I am addicted to and eat every day: Hot sauce and doritos, nacho cheese
2)We are the ´cool companionship´
3)Our little gift we got from trujeque, hot wheels and a chocolate candy!!!!!! Loved it!!!
4)Family Truejeque (and daughter Mildred)

WE HAVE A RABBIT IN THE PATIO!!! Its actually the Lees, who live next to us (LEES!!)
pictures of house OUR BATHROOM IS INSIDE!!

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