Thursday, December 4, 2014

Mexico Week 8

   Ok, so mexico is pretty legit, we have 3 new investigators, everything is good, language is improving, love the people here!!! I am feeling really sick right now. nothing to do with the bowel movements, I just have a super high fever, a head ache, and a sore throat. I am going to the mission doctor right after this, dont worry!! I know now what really being poor is like. We taught a family on a dirt floor, no lights at all except for a kerosene lantern. We have a recent convert that got her house trashed by people who said she stole money from them. She called us up and it was bad. Elder Alonso and I went as fast as we could to her house and found her crying on the street.
          We asked what happened and she told us about everything. She was hysterical and begged us for money, to pay off the guys. She grabbed onto me and just said help me guerro, help me. over and over again. We are only servants of God, Elder Alonso and I have literally nothing, except the bare necessities. It was probably the saddest moment of my entire life. We took her into her house and everything was destroyed. I came out to see what life is really like and now I know...
           She asked us what she should do and we simply said to follow her heart and what God tells her to do. And  thats all we can do in our lives. That humbled me to the point I am wondering when I am gonna get back up. I meet people and I want to cry for them and I spend a whole lot of time praying for them, that God can touch their lives and make it infinitely better. and he can. One of our investigators who is going to be baptized used to be an achoholic druggee who was not the best with his three daughters. I met him after the transformation and I never would have guessed!  He is maybe the nicest guy I have ever met and he is one of my favorite investigators!!!! I freaking love him! Not that I dont love all my investigators but come on, gotta have favorites!! jkjk, heres some pics of the house and other stuff!
1 my hand after service of redoing a guys lawn
2 selfie with another elder in the middle of zone conference (yes we got yelled at)
3 selfie on the bus ride
4 that late night study though
5 our kitchen window (already like that when I arrived)
6 all our lights are like this
7 views from the street
8 our house

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