Monday, January 12, 2015

Queretaro, Mexico Week 14

   I am doing great mommacita and dad!! I still love it here! The baptism we had scheduled with Liliana might not go through. We talked to her and she said she was super nervous and didnt know if she could do it. She only wants family and us there, no one else, and we said if she really was scared, she didnt have to do it. She said she knew it was something she needed to do, so we will see. I am feeling spiritual yeah! I am almost finished with Jesus The Christ and finished the Search for Happiness already. I can study the scrips for hours on end and still want more! Ipray every moment of our lessons in my heart for our investigators and for Elder Alonso. Its been super hard to concentrate on the lessons and  the prayers help a ton.
   The new house is awesome we love it, only problem is the gas. It costs 400 pesos, but we live off 1400 a month. Its a big tank and since we are really sharing a house with the family, it was gone in a week. now we get a bucket of water, put in a agua resistencia (no idea how to say it in english) to heat up the water, then scoop the water over ourselves in the shower.  Welcome to Mexico!! And we aren't bugging our neighbors too much don't worry!!  I have made six resolutions so far, but haven't finished. I'll share when I'm done!! I am doing good and language is coming super easy for the most part now. And thats where I am! Love you guys and pray for you always!!
 Elder Alex Chadwick Eaton

 PS turns out that I have unwittingly eaten a rabbit! That really made my day yesterday. not

 1)so i finally fell on my bike!! Didnt get hurt, no worries
 2)WE had potatoes and gravy for new years, and the first thing Elder Alonso
 said was holy fetch, this is good!
 3) The other elders didnt show up to the lunch appointment, so we ate
 double. Elder Alonso got sick and threw up when we got home, so we rested
for a bit. well, he did
 4)hard to see but I tackled him as i took this picture

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