Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Queretaro Mexico Week 15

 So Liliana got baptized!!!!!! Elder Alonso baptized and I confirmed!!!! We have a family scheduled for early february to baptize, and theyre awesome. The kids are all grown up and The mom, Concepcion, is awesome with our commitments that we leave her!!! Her husband is now  living with her again and everytime that we leave her a commitment, she reads the chapter, lives the commandment, and gives us feedback without any encouragement!! She also hugged me after new years! That was the first hug I got on the mission and it was so weird!! I felt like a terrible person and just awkward!! Welcome to the life of a missionary!! and Laura Patiño took a photo of me, yeah :) I told her to put annies name because I knew she would respond. that was when we visited an investigators house and they were having a party for their granddaughter. It was pretty fun, Laura is a member. and no, I dont know a juan velasquez
 I already got my christmas stuff this week and it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it thank you guys so much!!! Elder Alonso is officially a seahawks fan now and wants a t shirt, so we are gonna visit celaya to buy one. also a christmas card from you guys because he said he liked it and wanted to start a tradition of mail cards like ours for christmas in his family. transfers are this february 3rd. Nothing more, just loving it here and cant wait to teach more!! I am a bit scared because it is possible I become a trainer!! But who knows! Bye And love you guys!!!! Miss you and thank Gma and Gpa Eaton for the american candy!! I love it and the sour patch kids are almost gone already! Elder Alonso tried one and that was awesome to watch!!! A bit too sour for him!
Elder Alex Chadwick Eaton
1)say hi to our shower!!
2)I finished the missionary library!
3)I like it a lot!
4)kids of liliana!!
5)photos of pre baptism!! (dont know why elder alonso is biting me)
6)my goodies!!
7)Elder alonso is lazy so he passes the numbers to our dl as he lies in bed

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