Thursday, October 30, 2014

Provo MTC Week 4

  It's going pretty good, I'll just give you a quick summary: I am now zone leader and yesterday I welcomed in all the new missionaries into the MTC WITH A SCOTTISH ACCENT! They all believe 100% that their zone leader is from a small town in Scotland named Eberland, all of our districts are in on it and the poor saps have no idea. We also convinced them to eat their new missionary stickers (it's ok, we did the same thing), and we gave them Captain America stickers to put on the back of their name tags. There are 4 hermanas in our zone now, the only ones! Little worried about that. Also Elder McLeod left to Guatemala a few days ago, which was pretty sad. We are no longer the biggest district, just a normal district :(
  Thanks so much for the past couple of packages!!!! We have been having duels with the nerf guns and we put up all the halloween decorations. They made us take the ones down from our door though and that was disappointing. They said they looked cute but couldn't have them on the door!!! Lame!!! So everything is good here, Tell Brandee that her packages are the highlights of my life!!!

  We mostly play basketball and volleyball for workout. I got all of annie's packages!! They were AWESOME!!!! It's a little weird being zone leader because I have to look over so many more people, I honestly just check in with the zone leaders every once in a while and make sure it's quiet at lights out. We dont even know if it's weird or not since this is only our second day with us. We only met the newbies in the classroom, only hosts pick up from the curb (which I really want to do) and it doesnt even make me homesick a little. I feel great here.
1)me being elder wright
2)us benching elder gurr
3) we got our zone leader phone
4)note the inspectors left us

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