Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Provo MTC Week 2


Whats up?! in case you didnt know from cole's letter, I became district Leader!! Our old District Leader tore his meniscus and ACL, so he has to go back home for surgery and six months of rehab. Our last night with him, he got released, I got assigned DL, and we stayed up till 11:30, just talking about the reasons we all served missions. It was really sad but it was good. The next day he left and we got one last picture together and now he's gone. I just cant even imagine going through what he is right now. In other news, I got my first real meal in 2 weeks!! Woot Woot!! I went to the mexican consulate and am expecting my visa soon. the building is where we have class. We also had an arm wrestling competition in our district, and it's ok, you can be disappointed in your son foronly making it to the 2nd round. Just ask away!!!

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