Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Provo MTC Week 3

Here!!!!!! Sorry, I tried sending a letter but I guess it didnt get there in time! Anyways here at main campus it is pretty cool, there are 6 beds to a room, but we only got 4 people in ours so we have so much room for activities!!!! I like the room arrangements but the bad news is that every single time we walk out of our room, the door always locks when you shut it. so this morning when me and elder brewster were showering, we left the door open (also, we can make eye contact over the shower stalls, don't like that) so we could just go back in. Elder Schow and Sellards came back, closed the door while we were in the shower!! Like what?! so me and Elder Brewster get back to the room and since we were showering we dont have a key!! Elder brewster just chilled out in his old pajamas while I tried to look cool in as everyone passed by. We got Elder McLeod and Gurr to go get the key for us from the other Elders so waited for 20 minutes in the hallway outside our room. That was the highlight of our day, and now we are just sitting here emailing you guys. Nothing much is happening, my favorite teacher is Hermano Turner. I think i like Hermano Turner more because he's the missionary I want to turn into. He gave it his all, and his biggest regret on his mission is that he didn't work as hard as he could've for ONE WEEK! And that's it! I want to give my all so when I start going lazy on myself, I know and I'll want to change right away.
           As for the food, My favorite meal so far was when they brought in papa johns for us since there was almost no one at west campus. Yesterday my mashed potatoes tasted like soap and all our meat is overcooked. Mom, you spoiled me. This isn't food. But it's bearable! My companion is doing great, he's a pretty chill guy and we get along the best in our district. yesterday he broke his suitcase, so he called his mom real quick to check if it was under warranty. They put us in a room and he dialed her. When she answered, and he said it was him, then I heard her scream across the room. I started laughing pretty hard! They only got to talk for 10 minutes but he loved it. This week is my last as DL since you can only serve for 3 weeks at the MTC. I'm relieved and also a bit sad. It's fun but very challenging. I'll miss it. Anyways that's all I got, investigators are hard, we met one that asked us what the difference between the light of christ and the holy ghost. Uh huh, "investigator". The entire time she was talking, i was just thinking, "you little member of La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias." It was pretty fun this week. Elder Murphy (the one who got sent home for surgery) is doing well, just got his surgery and is waiting his 6 months for recovery. We pray for him every night and write him every p day. Nothing much more to report, other than I love you guys, miss you, what is the status on the SEAHWAWKS and nothing else :) Love you!

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