Thursday, November 13, 2014

Provo MTC Week 5

  I got your package, thank you so much!!! I'm pretty pumped and kind of
nervous. I got my flight plan, my first flight is delta airlines at Salt
Lake City at 7:10. I have to wake up at 3:00 and we leave at 3:30 on the
shuttle to the airport. This is probably when I'm going to have the most
time to call you, also Utah is now in daylight savings time. I arrive in
Atlanta, Georgia about 12:45 pm. I have only an hour layover and I leave at
1:45 to Mexico City. I arrive in Mexico at around 4:21 pm. I have 8 missionaries in my group, traveling to Mexico.  I land in Mexico City, where someone will find us and take us to Queretaro, which is only like an hour away. They said everything would be explained by our travel leader.
  I'm probably going to miss my district the most, that's going to be the hardest part, for sure. Not really scared for Mexico, a little nervous about teaching and sticking out like a white thumb, but not really. I'll make sure I'm extra careful. I'll for sure get some food. The past week and a half hasn't really been anything different, other than welcoming new districts, we got a New Zealander and it's tradition in our zone to assign a spirit animal to everyone (I was the white-tailed lynx) and so we called him "The One Wombat to Rule Them All" since New Zealand is where they filmed Lord of the Rings!!  He got it and loved It!!! I gave up the Scottish accent.  I couldn’t handle going 5 days without talking normal English!
  The time is going super fast!! I thought these would be the
slowest days but they're insanely fast! For the last week we tried to speak
only in Spanish and only a few of us made it, (your son included) but it's
P-Day and we don't want to try that hard.

1)thanks for the bubbly
2)we said goodbye to our investigator Jose, who actually wasnt a member,
and it was sad because he's the greatest guy in the world!! We will miss him

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