Friday, November 20, 2015

Queretaro Mexico Mission: Week 55

Elder Eaton mailing  address:

Elder Alex Chadwick Eaton
Mexico Queretaro Mission
Avenida Pis De La Cuestra No. 102
Esq. Boulevard Desarrollo San Pablo
Colonia Colinas De San Pablo, Querétaro
Querétaro, C.P. 76125 Mexico

Well Familia, bigger news first! I got the package mommacita! yes!!  It was exactly what I wanted and more!! I love you guys!! Oh, and my greenie is doing pretty good! This week has been easier than I thought it would be, seeing as how Elder Estrada is from El Salvador and already knows Spanish. It is a little bit easier than my beginning and we get along pretty great, but he was kind of overwhelmed at the start and I helped to slowly get used to it. I know have way more respect for my trainer and the amount of patience that he had with me! I have been patient with him and have helped him feel at home. He already jokes with me and it is going pretty good.He is a bit quiet but has improved a lot in this first week.

He is pretty hard on himself but I told him how I was on the mission and he is already doing way better than I did. With that he felt better. News on the area, we will be having a baptism this week and the next week!!  So I am pretty excited. Our branch president is now delegating me a freak ton of responsability and is using me a lot more, so you could say that the relationship between everybody is improving. The branch is so strong now and I am pretty proud of the work that all of us have done. I do feel a bit bad for Elder Estrada, as he is a greenie and when I went to go pick him up, the president told him that I would be the busiest out of all the mission during this change  and that he would have to help me a lot because we will have a change of branch presidents and he is companions with the district leader and that I am also training. President told him that I would practically be the mission and branch president in my area. We will also be helping the branch president in his new roles and we still don't even know who it is going to be!  His face wasnt exactly something that said excited. hahaha but I feel like I am ready for this change and am actually pretty excited. 

Thats all I got to report.  I love you guys and peace out!!
Elder Alex Chadwick Eaton

1)Meet my trainee
2)My new district
3)THey are building a new sacrament hall and remodeling the entire house of worship. We are pretty dang pumped you could say

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