Monday, August 24, 2015

Queretaro Mexico Mexico Week 45


Elder Eaton mailing  address:
Elder Alex Chadwick Eaton
Mexico Queretaro Mission
Avenida Pis De La Cuestra No. 102
Esq. Boulevard Desarrollo San Pablo
Colonia Colinas De San Pablo, Querétaro
Querétaro, C.P. 76125 Mexico

Well, the week started off terribly. We were playing soccer and I jacked up my ankle. A lot. So I was limping the first couple of days this week. We had a meeting with the president and when it was my turn I started walking towards him. He gave me a weird look and asked what was the problem. I just said I hurt it during soccer and shrugged it off. But when I finally got a good look with it HOLY COW! It looked like someone took a hammer to it! Dont worry, now it is almost 100% good. Doesnt even hurt. but DANG! (see photo below)

Our investigators are doing ok, but Enrique started smoking again and that legit sister, Goreti, that we found smokes too!! Everyone smokes!!! It is a bit frustrating with that. But with Goreti we haven't taught really deeply the word of wisdom, so we are going to go into more detail with that. With Enrique we are starting to think about leaving him because there are some things in his life that he doesn't want to change. It is sad but it might be necessary.

  Also, something happened yesterday. I did get into a fight. Now, obviously it wasnt physical fight, more of a verbal debate (which I won). BUT that is very bad to do as a missionary! A guy came up to us and started to rail on us hardcore about how we were sinners and how us being baptized doesn't save us, by grace alone we will be saved, about how baptism does jack squat and that the bible has everything we need. I am going to be honest, I wasn't having the best day because we found out that some really jerky investigators have been lying to us about the living situation for 2 years to the members and to us. Also one of them is a member and lied to our face about not being baptized.
So keeping all this in mind, I started to fight back, quoted from Matthew the scripture about how "he who is not born of water and of the spirit cannot enter into the kingdom of God" and forced him to say baptism was necessary for salvation. Then I quoted the last verse in John that says all the things Jesus did and said cannot be written here in the book and gave some examples of missing scriptures in the bible. At this point he was seething mad and told us that since we havent accepted Jesus in our hearts we are going to hell. I said "I'll see you there" and walked away. That was one of my angriest moments in the mission. That is the latest story I feel bad about that but I was done.
So that is one thing of many that I have to get better at. But I feel pretty confident in my ability to use the scriptures now, especially from the bible because I have been reading in the old testament and have learned a ton. I just finished Job and am going strong! I am kind of dreading getting to Isaiah, but I will learn a ton. So yeah! Nothing more to report, Love you guys and miss you tons!!
Elder Alex CHadwick Eaton

1)can someone say achilles heel?
2) We also went on splits. I went with Elder Brown and we visited a member who is a nurse and she helped me with my foot.

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