Friday, July 24, 2015

Queretaro Mexico Mission Week 37

Elder Eaton mailing  address:
Elder Alex Chadwick Eaton
Mexico Queretaro Mission
Avenida Pis De La Cuestra No. 102
Esq. Boulevard Desarrollo San Pablo
Colonia Colinas De San Pablo, Querétaro
Querétaro, C.P. 76125 Mexico

Well mom, I am sorry you can't always have your favorite child with you, the struggle is real. hahahaha but I am glad that Cole is going to EFY. A good looking guy like himself should definitely get a C.O.W. within in the first day, so no problem with that challenge! And it is great that Hermana Green stopped by again, she is really great. 

About the new comp, it is going really good. It just took a little bit of adjusting because it had been 3 months since I was with a latino. But we are working really hard. We have our whole week full of appointments. Of course, we did work hard, but it is weird. Its like we work hard and nothing happens. Then when we least expect it, some guy contacts us in the street and says he wants to learn more. It is amazing to witness all this first hand. We are barely doing anything in the grand scheme of things. All we do is let the Spirit work in them and it will all turn out good. We are teaching really well together and we are winning over all the members. We have a good relationship with almost every single one of them. They love helping us but almost none of them have friends outside of church, only in the church. So that means almost no references.

We just finished doing somethings together as a zone, so today was pretty fun. We visited the Expiatorio again, it was the first time for a lot of them, so they all were pretty freaked out. It was pretty funny to watch. I have the most time here in the zone and I feel like an old timer. I love you guys, miss you, say hi to Hermana Green for me and Peace Out!
Elder Alex Chadwick Eaton

1)The zone all together!!!!! 
2)interesting thing to know, they got the KKK here!!! JK, it is something catholic for holy week but I was pretty confused when I first saw this
3)One of the roads we always pass to get to an investigator
4)Father's day activity in the ward.
5)Your angelic son...... in his wolverine leather jacket

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