Monday, October 12, 2015

Queretaro Mexico Mission Week 53

Elder Eaton mailing  address:
Elder Alex Chadwick Eaton
Mexico Queretaro Mission
Avenida Pis De La Cuestra No. 102
Esq. Boulevard Desarrollo San Pablo
Colonia Colinas De San Pablo, Querétaro
Querétaro, C.P. 76125 Mexico

  I want to hear about my kickbutt brother wrecking dudes! But transfers are this week and the senior couple have stayed here their whole mission and will be finishing their mission next transfer. They are officially in love with me now and they want to bring us everywhere, today they brought us to a lake and bought us fish, so that was pretty cool!!! And they will be leaving with my companion next transfer! He is pretty nervous to go home. Tell grandma and grandpa that I say Hi and I love them!!! I cant send pictures today, something with the computer (Mexico) but next week!! Conference was cool! But I am still kind of out of it, the thing with Annie and all. I love you guys and miss you a ton!!
Elder Alex Chadwick Eaton

1)We started burning the shirt, which is tradition when you complete one year,buttttttttttt
2)It burned the trashcan. We didnt think it through very well. But One year baby!
3)meet the district!!!!
4)this is how they eat fish here. Fried, whole, and with your hands!!
5)the lake was cool, and the weather was perfect

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