Monday, February 9, 2015

Queretaro Mexico Week 17

Elder Eaton mailing  address:
Elder Alex Chadwick Eaton
Mexico Queretaro Mission
Avenida Pis De La Cuestra No. 102
Esq. Boulevard Desarrollo San Pablo
Colonia Colinas De San Pablo, Querétaro
Querétaro, X.P. 76125 Mexico



Yeah, a member called me the night of the super bowl and told me what happened because I asked him if he could. So I was a bit more prepared, Elder Alonso was a bit disappointed too, but not as much as me. But it happens! And that same night there were tansfers!!!! I am going to stay here, but Elder Alonso is getting transfered to Queretaro! I am gonna miss him a lot. He is going with Elder Becerril, another elder in Cortazar, so only Elder Guzman and I are staying. I will be recieving a companion named Elder Lujan (pronounced Luhan). Tomorrow at 5 in the morning the elders go to Cortazar while Elder Guzman and I have to wait at the bus station for the new elders. All today Elder Alonso has been saying goodbye to our Investigators, so it was pretty sad. But Its for a reason that he is leaving, and I think our investigators understand that.

We got a new investigator, Named Jesus Arriaga, who believes everything he sees on tv, so he is convinced that the antichrist will come with a tattoo of the day he will die, also his birthday and destiny. I asked him where he learned that and he refused to answer me. He is interesting! But nothing really new, we partied with the missionaries, played soccer today and we ate two large pizzas along with 2 two liter bottles of soda. It was honestly a super fun way to end their last day and we loved it. I have put up the basketball hoop and we regularly play before bed, but while we are already laying down. Our games are generally short because if we can't reach the ball without leaving the bed, we really question if it is worth the effort.

 Funny thing that happened, during our scripture study time, my companion jumped out of his seat and shaking his pant leg. I asked what was up and he said that he thought there was a spider in his pants! So he rips off his pants and threw them to the floor and we saw nothing there. Then, this huge cockroach crawls out from the bottom, I am talking a solid 2 inches!!! My companion also has a mortal fear of cockroaches that stems from him having almost eaten a cockroach when he was a kid, so he started screaming at me to kill it.  I did what any missionary would do. I ran and grabbed my camera, took a photo, THEN killed it.  He was freaked out and had to put on other pants for the day. He tucked his pants into his socks for the rest of the time and throughout the day he felt it crawling up his leg still, just the sensation! So yeah, that happened! It was maybe the highlight of my mission! No joke! Our next zone conference is within this month, so i will probably get my package by then. That is pretty much it, but has cole gotten his present yet? The mail in mexico takes about 2 to four weeks, so I dont have an idea. 
 I love you guys.


- We took photos of his last time in the chapel in Cortazar
- the farewell pizza party

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